Coney Island Trip

Homing Pigeons, Mixed-Media, 9” x 12” SOLD

The trip to Coney Island is a fictional story of a family day trip to attend a wedding on Coney Island. These painting and sculpture represent the introduction to some of the characters and scenes in the "Tale of a Family Outing".

Circus Drawings

Circus Drawings 4” x 6”

A series of 4” x 6” drawing of imaginary characters one might see on "The Midway"


Miss America, Mixed-Media

A series of altered books and sketchbooks created from found materials, personal photos and paintings.

No Lie Can Live Forever

Rules For Peaceful Coexistence

Wondrers Never Cease

Primitive Timekeepers

Miss America

Again I stood Alone

Why Be Yourself When You Can Be Someone Else